Are you breathing in...

If you haven't had your heating and air conditioning system's 
duct works properly and regularly cleaned - you may very well be inhaling these into your lungs, every day & night!

No filter, not even the expensive electrostatic 
kind, is 100% effective at filtering out
 contaminants from your duct system. 

What’s more, harmful contaminants also get 
into your ducts from other places aside from 
where your filter is located. Mice & rats often 
use these ducts as nesting areas and passageways, only adding to the material you are breathing. 

As a result, every time your system turns on, 
its moving parts and vibrations shake 
up the dust and particles that typically settles 
in your ducts that contain dust mites - like
ones shown above, as well as
rodent fecal matter. 

In addition, the process of heating or cooling 
your home creates the kind of temperature and humidity changes in your ducts that enable the growth of unhealthy mold fungus and bacteria.


Are THESE what you, your family 
or co-workers are breathing 
in your home and office?

Air Duct - Before

Air duct BEFORE cleaning

Air Duct - After Cleaning

The same air duct AFTER cleaning


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